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My Menopause, My Journal, My Rules

Warning! This book, will not change your life, however get your empowerment pants on and be ready to find your own fierce, give a few less f*cks and crush your menopause experience – it’s time to make your own rules!


Menopause – for woman of a certain age, right?


Whatever your age, whether menopausal already or about to take flight, it can feel like a swirl of uncertainty, overwhelming information and lose your sh*t rages! Many feel alone, but it doesn’t need to be this way – let’s make our own rules…

Victoria hit menopause at 33, then almost said goodbye to the life her surgery had saved. Why had no-one warned her?

Tackling her physical and mental health through journaling, advocating, community and social media, she unlocked the fierce within, discovering her own rules and a connection to herself she never thought possible.

Now… it’s YOUR turn to do the same.

Warning! This is not your average menopause book! Be ready to delve deep, get messy, write, rip out and burn, whilst connecting to the stories and information within, to find your own version of fierce!

1 review for My Menopause, My Journal, My Rules

  1. Andrea

    Er… did you write this for me?? my individual weirdness through this journey is clearly not so individual after all! What an amazing and fun book… Thank you

    • admin (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your kind review…and you’re most certainly not alone! Ginge x

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